Jacksonville, Florida


April/May 2008


We divided our time in this part of Florida between Jacksonville Naval Air Station and Mayport Naval Station (from planes to ships), thirty miles away.   Gerry played golf both places and Terry continued working on her Naylor biography - although she did get out and play 18 holes at each place.  What a surprise to discover an old shipmate as the starter on the NAS golf course.  Fred carpooled with us for a time when we were first stationed in Washington, D.C.  This time we actually connected with Bob and Annie.  Bob was the Chief of Staff in Corpus Christi when Gerry retired.  We had a nice lunch together and caught up on what each of us has been up to in our retirement years.  We missed out on seeing Roger and Puchi again, but this time it was because they were out of town for the birth of their second granddaughter.  This trip we finally met Karen's husband, Kenny.  We've known Karen since she was nine years old.  She is now the mother of three beautiful children. 

We took a little time to play tourist again by going out on a Casino ship, something we have not even done in Corpus Christi.  There were a couple of folks onboard who hit big, but it was not us.  We did have a nice dinner and enjoyed playing some nickel slots for several hours without spending very much!  At Mayport, the RV park on base is right along the channel that brings in not only Navy and Coast Guard ships, but all kinds of civilian vessels.   We could watch them from inside the RV.  One afternoon we also made it to a local air/car show.

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