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Forest City,  Iowa


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July 2008


Our entourage of 5 Winnebago coaches arrived in Forest City for our MILWIT (Military Winnebago-Itasca Travelers) National Rally, followed a week later by the Winnebago-Itasca Travelers Grand National Rally (GNR).  That's a lot of partying for these two old timers!  Having been to our first rallies last year, this time we knew what to expect.  This time we also went in knowing a lot of other folks that we had met at the rallies in Georgia and Illinois.  We also discovered The Grotto in West Bend, Iowa, about sixty miles from Forest City.  Gerry's sister, Ann, and two of her brothers and their wives worked in Iowa nearly seventy years ago.  The pictures we have of them at the grotto, being in black and white, did not do the place justice.  It was an incredible experience.  The Grotto of the Redemption was built by a Catholic priest who spent more than forty years working on.  Then, another priest and the original priest's helper continued the project for another forty years.  Stones and rocks of all kinds were brought in from all over Europe and all the states over the years.

We played in the WIT golf tournament again with Jack and Millie.  Millie had the longest putt of all the women.  The rest of us were just glad to finish with a decent score.  Plenty of entertainment was lined up for GNR.  With Jack, our own Willie Nelson, and his new karaoke equipment, we made our own entertainment.  Did we mention food?  There were breakfasts, and lunches, and social hours, and dinners out and dinners in.   There were vendors selling anything rv-related as well as all kinds of jewelry for the ladies.  MILWIT had a fund-raising auction, with Wayne & Gerry as auctioneers.  Terry did not even have to hold her card up for Gerry to tap her for a bid. 

Forest City holds its annual Puckerbrush Days with vendors on the square downtown and the kind of parade only seen in small town America.  Despite a flat tire on the way to the start, our MILWIT guys and gals rode the float and threw out candy to the kids, big and little.  What a fun day it was! 

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