Cocoa Beach, Florida


April 2008


Patrick Air Force Base is right next door and that is where we stayed.  Mostly  Terry worked on her book and Gerry played a little golf.  In between we were tourists and checked out the beach.  At the Cocoa Beach pier there are several restaurants and the Mai Tiki Bar all the way out on the end.  There we met a young man, Ross, who is from Scotland, and Tara, his sister-in-law who is from Ireland.  We ended up having dinner together at one of the restaurants there on the pier.  Later we even met Ross' brother (and Tara's husband), Denver, who had been in a class all day.  What delightful people they are and what lovely lilting accents they all have.  Later in the week we made a trip back and had dinner there again and watched the beach-goers.
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