Interstate 5, California


January 2008


We could not have planned this rendezvous if we had tried.  It just happened!  The morning that we drove our rental car up to Lodi, Terry checked email using her air card just after we got over the Grapevine.  We had updated the website the night before and we were looking forward to all the emails.  One was from Terry's cousin Winston and his wife Maureen from Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada.  They sent the email just before leaving Redding, California on their way to Yuma, Arizona in their fifth wheel.  That meant that somewhere along I-5 we would be crossing paths.  A quick call to another cousin in Manitoba yielded a cell phone number for them and soon we were in touch.  Terry calculated where on Interstate 5 we could meet for coffee or lunch.  We pulled in to the selected spot and filled with gas.  Not five minutes later, they pulled in.  We had a two-hour lunch and visited.  Winston and his brother Ted are the guys who took us out salmon fishing and are responsible for Gerry's big catch.  What a treat!
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