Yuma, Arizona    

January 2007


When we picked up the RV in Yuma, we did not get a chance to visit with Terry's cousins there.  We returned to Mike's, but once we headed back to Texas, via Yuma, we stopped at Ralph's.  Ralph's youngest son, Randy, stays in Ralph's compound and Ralph's brother Phil and his wife Sharon live not far away.  Quite a few evenings were spent playing Mexican Train dominos.  They lulled us into a false sense of security by letting each of us win the first time, then they stomped us good after that.  A special treat was getting to see two other brothers, Denny and Donald, whom Gerry grew up with in Jamestown, North Dakota.  Dennis is a high school golf coach, so it was a real treat to get to play golf with him again.  The ladies played 9 holes once and then let the guys play several times without them.  Dennis & Kathy came down to Yuma for a month and Donald & Donna made a quick trip down to visit them and a few of their cousins who were in the same RV park.

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