Tampa, Florida


April 2007


MacDill Air Force Base has wonderful RV facilities and two very nice golf courses.  In fact, the last time we were here, we both took golf lessons, but we did not stay long enough this time to sign up for lessons.  We did play golf and at the campground we enjoyed a meal or two on the deck of the picturesque little bar and restaurant that overlooks a sandy beach.   We drove over to Lake Wales, about an hour away, to visit the friends we ran into in Alaska.  Jack & Millie also have a Winnebago Journey and talked us into joining the retired military chapter of Winnebago (MILWIT) and signing on to go to the National Rally in Forest City, Iowa in July.  This is the year to go since we just bought our new Winnebago Journey.  They live in a beautiful golfing retirement community.  In fact they twisted our arms and got us to stay overnight so we could all golf together the next day.
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