Sarasota, Florida


April-May 2007


Our spot in Sarasota, at Bill & Sue's, is a quiet one in a shady spot next to their pond.  Sue and Terry found time to do a little scrapbooking together and Bill took us out to the beach to watch a sunset.  It was nice to see their kids and grandkids again.  Chip and Melissa are married now and have little girl since we were there three years ago.  Both of us got in one round of golf with Jim - he's the culprit who taught Gerry and got him started!  He and Gerry managed to find their way to the golf course almost every day!  Lee is still the wonderful hostess who foists all sorts of delectable goodies upon her guests, so there were many gatherings at Jim and Lee's to play a new game they introduced us to called Fast Track.  They also have a new member to their family - she's a cutie and she rules the roost!  Lee has befriended Amanda, an English Nanny who cares for Leo, a darling little boy in their neighborhood.  Her husband Doug is retired Navy, so it was nice to meet them.
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