Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


September 2007


Oklahoma City was another Clydesdale stop.  We visited the Express Personnel farm where they show teams of black Clydesdales and compete with them.  What a beautiful place they have.  The impressive barn was restored by the Amish.  Again, we received a warm reception.  Josh & Ryan even took us out for a run with a four-hitch team.
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The next day we drove out to meet Don who raises and trains Clydesdale to harness.  He had several little ones around, as well as a few big ones.  We caught him while he was shoeing one, but he took time out and gave us the grand tour.

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is in Oklahoma City and we spent an afternoon there. 

A visit to the Oklahoma City Memorial was very emotional and moving.  Reading about it is just not the same as being there.