Corpus Christi, Texas


November/December 2007


Several friends came out to visit  us (and the horses).  Jack and Sherrie brought their two grandchildren and one of their friends.  Terri, brought her husband, John, and her little Yorkie, who was just a little intimidated by the big Clydesdales.  Ambrose, the farrier who stays several days on the property when he's working the area, brought his wife on one trip to Corpus Christi and we got to know them both.  Linda brought her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter to see all the animals.   Her very favorite one was a barn cat from next door!
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We met Robby for dinner and met his friend Jennifer and her son Travis.  At an RV open house in Rockport we ran into couple we had met at the Winnebago rally in Iowa.  After seeing a chiropractor in the area for 18 years, we finally got to meet his wife.  She's his new office manager.  We missed getting together with John and Carol last trip to Corpus, so made sure we got together with them.

Anything to do with the Clydesdales is always fun for Gerry.  Charlene, who has the property right next to where we stay, did a Christmas party for the handicapped and David provided the wagon with J.P. and Scott.  Gerry drove around her property giving rides.   Another time, as a treat for the four girls who work with the horses on the property, we took them and David and the boys to dinner at Cotton's, a famous Texas Barbeque place.

 Another fun Clydesdale event was taking J.P. and Scott to a senior assisted living facility where the folks could get up close and personal with them.  It was really heart-warming to see how gentle the big Clydes were with everyone and how much it was enjoyed.  Carol's (and now our) friend Jane coordinated the event.

We had Christmas dinner with David and Carol and their family.  David is a wonderful cook and dinner was superb!  We topped off New Year's Eve 2007 with dinner and movie with friends Joe and Dolores.