Corpus Christi, Texas


October 2007


It was so nice to get back and settled in our spot at the property.  There are a few new ladies who work with the horses and take very good care of them.  The llama is still the guard llama and Trump is still the guard dog. 
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So far we have been able to see quite a few old friends.  Roy still runs the riding stable and is in good health again.  Emily still keeps Stinky, the steer she raised from a sick baby, next door and he still comes when she calls.  It was nice to see Tammy again.  We all worked together when David had his business.  Linda and Terry caught up on grandchildren stories and we discovered that Wade is a new first-time grandfather.

Glen and Jinny came down to spend one of her vacation days with us.  We played tourists and visited the Aquarium.

We made it out to a barbeque and skeet shoot hosted by Kenny and Angie and had a chance to see most of their family there as well enjoy a wonderful meal.  

A photographer friend held several Christmas photo shoots with the Clydesdales all hitched up.  Gerry, with the help of Maggie and Jennifer, kept Scott (the newest addition) and J.P.'s attention during the event.

Family friends of David and Carol came to play with the Clydesdales (at least Jane did) during one photo shoot. 

Gerry has been busy working the Clydesdales.  It did not take him long to get Scott and J.P. hitched up together for the first time.  They did wonderfully well and look great together.  He has also spent some time working with the two young ones, who are now as tall as the "big" ones.  The harness is a bit big on them, but they had no problem with it.