Glenoak, Corpus Christi, Texas


February 2007


Coming back to Glenoak feels like coming home.  The place looks wonderful.  Everything is green and the welcome mat is out.  Most of the animals are still around, including Gerry's Goose.  She took up with Emily's husband when we left, but focused on Gerry again. Trump's Goose had a fatal encounter with some sort of predator (we think) just before we left.  Until then, they were inseparable.  The llama lets us get closer now, but not close enough to touch.  Frequently, he visits his reflected image in the glass in the front of the house (next to where we park the RV).  The little Clydesdales are much bigger now, but still not as large as J.P.   The turkey, in what seems like a perpetual stage of molting, commands the flock of guinea hens.  They all have free rein of the property and we enjoy watching them.  
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Gerry managed to help David with several projects, hitch J.P. to the surrey and do a little riding.  Terry helped with a computer project or two as well working on her own genealogy and photo projects. 

This time we made a concerted effort to see as many of our friends as possible while we were here, but we still missed a few, as well as forgetting to get photos of some.