Washington, D.C. Area


May-June 2007


This time through we did not see everyone we had hoped to see.  Terry's knee bothered her enough to finally find an urgent care facility to have it looked at.  Medication, a brace, and rest were prescribed, but it did not keep her totally down.  Our friend Nancy, who is handicapped and walks with a cane, managed to slow Terry down a bit and having her along meant we could use the handicap spaces at the monuments.  Gerry did the walking and the picture-taking.  The ladies found the nearest bench and took their time.  Since we were here last, the World War II memorial has been completed, a memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt has been added, as well as an Air Force Memorial next to the Navy Annex where Gerry worked for the 10 years we were stationed there.

One of Terry's nephews and her one and only niece live in the area and we were able to spend a little time with them both.  They even made it out to the Family Campground at Andrews Air Force Base to see our new home.  We also made it up to Lindsey's new digs on Capital Hill (with a view of the top of the Capitol).  And we got to meet Laura, the new lady in Steve's life.

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