Avilla, Indiana


July 2007


We planned to meet Jack & Millie along the way and follow them into Forest City for the MILWIT and Winnebago Grand National  Rallies.  Another couple, their friends Al & Billie, were going along as well.  The best place to meet turned out to be at Al & Billie's since they had plenty of room for all three RVs to park.  MILWIT is the military (active duty and retired) chapter of the Winnebago Itasca Travelers (WIT) organization.  Al is retired Navy as is Jack, so it did not take long to get acquainted.  We spent the Fourth of July weekend there. Jack and Al needed time to plan their route after the rally as they would  be traveling together.  And, since there was a new computer in the house, Terry and Billie spent some time messing with it.  Al & Billie's daughter Connie and her husband Mike stopped by and Gerry discovered they have good friends who train and show Clydesdales, so we will no doubt hook up with them at some point.
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