Lodi, California


November 2006

Lodi is home to two of Gerry's sisters and two of his brothers as well as numerous nieces and nephews.  Both of us graduated high school there, so its always fun to see how much has changed.  There are two Coast to Coast RV parks about 15 miles out along the Delta where we can stay for a week in each one.  The little bit of gas it takes to drive back and forth cannot compare to what it costs to stay at a park in close.  Besides, it is a nice drive. 

Everyone was doing well.   Unfortunately, we are all getting older and age has taken its toll on all of us.  Our most exciting adventures revolved around food.  We did manage to get in one game of golf with Richard, Gerry's great nephew and Terry's Godson and that is always fun for all of us.  Terry joined Sandy and some friends for an open house at a local scrapbook store and another at a gift shop.   Gerry happened upon a parade composed of school bands from all over competing in Lodi.  He hoped to see Rick's three children march by, but their band was hosting the event and did not march or compete.

We made it a point to see a lot of the nieces and nephews, some we had not seen in a long time.   Bruce was recovering from a bypass and looking great.  Terry got some great computer information from Jon who showed her his setup.  He is doing some neat things with music and graphics.  His brother Jeff came by his folks house and we got to visit with him a bit.  Also spent a little time with Dan, but did not get a picture.  David recently retired, so we caught him and Debbie at home for a quick visit.  Kay was down from Sacramento, so we  had some time with her as well.  We did see Jean in Stockton, so check out that link to see her picture.  Because it is getting harder to get everyone together, we had a quiet dinner with just the brothers and sisters at Colleen's house, although Lee joined us since he lives there.  Rick and Wendy stopped by later to pick up Ann, so it was nice to see them as well.  We did stop by their house for a few minutes and got to see Jill, Sam and Thomas - but they were all going in different directions before we could whip out the camera.  

Sandy may be Gerry's niece, but she's more like Terry's little sister, so spending some time with her and Gary and Richard is always a priority.

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