Vancouver Island


September 2006

This time we had a few more people to hook up with on Vancouver Island.  Last time we took our car over on the ferry and stayed with Winston & Maureen and met their family.  We also met two of Winston's brothers, Paul & Ted,  as well as his aunt Anette and her family.  This time we brought the RV over on the ferry and stayed near Anette in Port Alberni for several days and then in Winston's driveway in Duncan for a week.  So we saw most of them again (plus a few that we missed last time) and met one of Maurice's daughters and her family, as well as another cousin, Art, whose mother Lucille was Terry's mother's first cousin.  We drove up to Courtney to meet Leif and Char, shirt-tail cousins - Leif's mother had two siblings who married into the family.  They were in the midst of moving, so we only intended to pop in long enough to say hello, but ended up spending the afternoon and then going out to dinner with them.  Winston & Maureen returned to the Island after a 3-month holiday touring Canada just days before we came and still made time to take us out fishing.  Gerry caught his first salmon - a 25-pound Chinook (King).  Sounds like a fish story, but this one did NOT get away and we have pictures to prove it (but of course!).  And they proceeded to can several cases of it as well as filleting it and filling up our freezer. 

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