Rogue River, Oregon


November 2006

With one more mountain pass to cross after our stop here, we kept an anxious eye on the weather.  Our luck held.  The rain started the day we left, but the weather was fine till then.   We mostly hung out with Don & Mary, although they twisted our arms again to help out with the Food Bank, giving us a chance to see the folks that we met last time we were there.  Mary and Terry found some time together at the computer and Don & Gerry spent a lot of time outdoors doing manly things.  Mary must have cooked for a week before we got there, but that made it nice as she did not have to spend so much time in the kitchen while we were there - and the food was wonderful.  Neighbors Harry & Elly came over for dinner one evening, but Gerry did not get a chance to play golf with Harry this time. 

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