Road to Haines (via Tok), Alaska


August 2006


Although we had to retrace the part of our journey from Valdez to Glennallen, the scenery looks very different from the opposite direction.  The glaciers near Thompson Pass were socked in with morning fog, but we had clear sailing from there all the way to Tok.  The road was really bad, lots of stretches of gravel and many, many dips and waves from frost heave.  That meant slowing down considerably and even then, there was lots of rattling going on in the cupboards and an occasional drawer bouncing open.  We were more fortunate than one traveler in a big diesel towing an SUV.  We could see the tow vehicle swinging from left to right and back again, far more than it should.  At one point it was crossing the center line - and the RV was not.  By the time we got close enough to warn them, the driver had stopped and the tow vehicle had plowed into the left rear of the RV.  Evidently, the tow bar broke.  We stayed overnight in Tok where the RV got a lube and oil change.  Then on to Haines, another small town nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains and joining the sea.  These two travel days were mixed sunshine and clouds, so we definitely enjoyed the scenery along the way.

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