Fairbanks, Alaska


July 2006


The Alaska Range was off to our left as we drove to Fairbanks, making it difficult to get good pictures of it.  This route was as scenic as any, but the changes were gradual.  We called ahead and got reservations at Glass Park RV Campground at Fort Wainwright rather than at Eielson Air Force Base.  That turned out to be a great move since Fort Wainwright is right on the edge of Fairbanks, while Eielson is more than ten miles out.  The golf course was a big draw and we played, even though it was a might chilly and threatened to rain.  Since a big Fourth of July celebration was planned downtown in Pioneer Park, we spent the Fourth there at the 44-acre historic theme park.   We visited the Large Animal Research Station at the University of Alaska and spent a long afternoon at the University of Alaska Museum of the North.  A short drive one day took us to a viewpoint to see the Alaska Pipeline and then to North Pole, Alaska to visit the Santa Claus House to put in a good word for the grandchildren. 

Just before leaving Fairbanks we ran into old friends Jack & Millie at the FamCamp at Fort Wainwright.  We had not seen them since 1989 when they showed us their new Winnebago Chieftan before they took off in it.  If Gerry had not been selected for Commander, we considered doing the same thing - at least for a year.  What a small world!

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