Anchorage, Alaska


July 2006


The FamCamp at Elmendorf Air Force Base was our home for a week.  Our first order of business was to buy a new camera.  That accomplished at the base exchange, we headed for Fort Richardson's golf course where we were paired with a couple of active duty gents and their wives, who were along for the company and to drive the carts.  Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, is located on the upper shores of Cook Inlet on a low-lying plain bordered by mountains and forests and water.  The weather was damp and cool after the first wonderful day on the golf course, good days to be inside.  We stopped at the Alaska Experience Theatre where we watched Alaska the Great Land on a huge wrap-around screen.   It was truly a great experience as we zoomed up Mt. McKinley and down into glacial valleys as though we were passengers in the helicopter that filmed it.  We also saw the Alaska Earthquake Exhibit.  In 1964, on Good Friday, right at 3 p.m., one of the most powerful earthquakes ever devastated Anchorage.  Then we walked next door to see a film about the Aurora Borealis (not visible until late August).

When we heard there was going to be a Bore Tide, we drove out to Turnagain Arm to see what it was all about, along with a whole lot of other tourists.  A Bore Tide is a natural phenomenon that occurs at very low tides in narrow inlets when the tide shifts and the two collide.  The water becomes very calm, then a series of waves several feet apart develop across the inlet.  Sometimes they are as high as six feet. 

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