Whitehorse, Yukon to Squamish, BC


September 2006


Once we started back, we covered lots of miles quickly - 400 the first day and 300 the second.  The Cassiar Highway is a narrow 2-lane highway with no shoulders and no lane markings.  There were three long stretches of gravel road that was the worst of all the road we covered - one stretch of 16 miles was washboard rough with potholes, slowing us to under 20 miles an hour.  When we awoke to sunshine and warm weather the morning after arriving at Prince George, we decided to stay over to play golf.  Then we were ready to finish the next stretch, this time 300 miles one day and 400 the next.  Duffy Lake Road to Whistler was the hardest on the RV.  There were long, long fourteen and fifteen percent grades that had our brakes smoking.  After an hour long stop to let them cool, we limped into Whistler where we spent the night.  The next day we only drove 42 miles to Squamish where we met more cousins.  Out timing was not the best as Phil was leaving the next day on business in the U.S.  But at least we got to meet him and his son Nathan.  Phil is Sid's son. 

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