Whitehorse, Yukon


June 2006


This is our last visit with family.  We met Adeline and her daughter Sharon for the first time, but feel as if we've known them forever. Adeline is Terry's mother's first cousin.  She's part of the large Canadian family raised by Terry's grandfather's brother. Our timing was a bit off since Sharon was just getting over being sick and Adeline moved to a Senior Home just the day before.  After sharing all our photos of the Canadian family, in the process looking at them many, many times, we feel as though we know all of them very well.  Besides, Adeline reminds Terry very much of her own mother.  It will be great to get see them on the return trip.

Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon and there were wonderful places to eat and quite a bit to see and do there, not the least of which was to play a round of golf at the Mountain View Golf Course where we teamed up with a local couple.  Needless to say some of the scenery from the course was fantastic. 

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