Minneapolis Area, Minnesota


May 2006


We found a nice campground south of the city and used the Saturn to visit everyone.  This time we hooked up with friends from Corpus Christi who live here now.  Angel, an accountant, and Terry bartered their services for a number of years.  Angel and Herb drove into the city from the outlying area where they live to have dinner with us.   Three of sister Maxine's daughters, Joni, Jody and Jewell met us for lunch another day and brought pictures for Terry to scan to add to our treasure trove of family pictures.  The folks at Applebee's were very accommodating in letting us set up the computer in a corner.

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At the Mall of America with Gene and Ramona, Terry browsed the largest scrapbook store she has ever been in (and bought a thing or two).  Gene also treated us to a fabulous breakfast that he whipped up at home (with a little help from Ramona). 

Because we did not have exactly firm travel plans, our chance to see Gerry's nephew, Tom, meant running out to where he was in the midst of a wood firing seminar and we got a bit of an education in the process.  The kiln had to be heated to above 2 thousand degrees and maintained for a specific length of time, requiring round the clock attention.  Gerry spent the afternoon with him and drove back home with him where Jan had a feast underway.