Corpus Christi, Texas


January - March 2006


One of the highlights of our stay in Corpus Christi is enjoying the birds that visit the property.  This year several very large blue herons stroll around until the llama gets too curious.  A flock of wild ducks mingle with the guinea hens by the pond and show up daily at feeding times.  And as always there are the geese that stay year round.

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Every year Gerry looks forward to working with the Clydesdales.  He and Emily have been working with the two young Clydesdales, getting them used to going in and backing out of a horse trailer as well as just being handled.  One of the local geese has adopted Gerry and follows him around the property much like the one that is attached to Trump, the Great Pyreneese.

This time we went through lots of boxes in storage looking for old photos and albums that Terry then scanned for her ongoing genealogy project.  Visiting old friends is always another highlight of our stay.  We spent Christmas with long time Navy friends Joe & Dolores at their timeshare in Canyon Lake and attended the retirement ceremony of our friend Noreen, from our days at the Education Service Center. 

As usual, we spent time with David and his boys and helped him with some of his projects, and Gerry got more time on horseback and worked with J.P. and the young Clydesdales.

Before leaving we had a chance to stop by to see the Ybarras, old customers of Terry.  Although we did not get any pictures of Kenny and Angie and Cassie, we did stop by Kenny's new office and meet his new partner and say hi to Angie's sister Kathleen.  We also had to say goodbye to Gerry's Goose, who was not too happy to see  us leave.