Beeville, Texas


March - April 2006


This year on our way up to San Antonio we stopped at our friend's ranch during their cattle roundup.  This gave Gerry one last chance to play cowboy before leaving Texas.  What an education to be able to watch and participate as three separate herds were rounded up and worked.  The mothers and babies were separated, tagged and counted, given shots, etc.  Some of the babies were newborn.  What a racket both mamas and babies made till they were together again. 

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In the past two years, we left just before one of Glen & Jinny's horses gave birth.  When we got back to Texas each time, the colt was really big.  This time we stayed long enough!  The latest little guy was only three days old when we got to see him.  What a thrill!

Now that Brit is away at college, we don't see much of her.  She came down with friends for the roundup and had a chance to spend some time with her little brothers.  Once the roundup was over, we relaxed a little at a great fishing is spot by the lake at the ranch.