Alaska Highway - Watson Lake, YT to Whitehorse, YT


June 2006


An overnight stop in Watson Lake, the Gateway to the Yukon, and the ample daylight hours gave us plenty of time to see the Signpost Forest, started by a U.S. Army soldier working on the Alaska Highway in 1942.  Travelers are still adding signs to the collection which numbers more than 50,000.  Remembering the boards that Gerry's cousin had given us that originally came from Lodi, we decided to use one and add our sign as well.  The 275-mile stretch of highway to Whitehorse crosses back and forth across the BC and Yukon borders 6 or 7 times and provides wonderful views of the Cassiar Mountains' snow-topped peaks. We crossed the Continental Divide where  water draining west forms the Swift River that drains into the Yukon River and continues a northwest journey of 2,300 miles to the Bering Sea, then to the Pacific Ocean.  Water draining east forms the Rancheria River and flows into the Liard River and then into the MacKenzie River northward 2,650 miles to the Beaufort Sea and on into the Arctic Oean.  (Info from The Milepost.)

 We stopped for lunch at Dawson Peaks Resort where Terry bought a book by Sue Henry, Dead North - a story about a young woman who drives an RV up to Alaska.  The couple who run the resort are featured in the story.  The food was exceptional!

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