Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


               July/August 2005


Marcel (brother of Renee of Salmon Arm) actually lives in Cartier, just outside Winnipeg.  We found a campground five minutes from his home.  Marcel not only cooked for us, he provided a wealth of information about the family and he gave us a grand tour of Winnipeg.  His brother Arthur lives in Winnipeg, but came out several times to join us for dinner, including the night of Terry's birthday, to help us celebrate - with a delicious cake and lots of wonderful goodies.  Later we moved to the East side of Winnipeg and met Melisse, sister to Philippa from Calgary.   The day that we spent with her flew by as we looked at the old photos and copied some of hers.  Since another sister lives in Kenora, our next stop,  Melisse rode with us to Kenora.

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Like many cities in the U.S. that feature painted animals, Winnipeg has chosen the bear to grace its city streets.