Prince Edward Island, Canada


August 2005


There are two ways to get to Prince Edward Island (PEI) with an RV, via ferry or over the approximately 8-mile long Confederation Bridge.  We took the ferry over (it is huge!) and left via the bridge.   Located in the region traditionally known as the Maritimes, it is part of Atlantic Canada.  Much of PEI consists of rural communities, fishing villages, and farms known for growing potatoes and other products.  The view of the horses below is taken through our windshield from our spot in the campground.  Did I say the beaches are also spectacular.  This is one place we are sure we will come back to visit again.

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PEI was home to world famous author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, creator of Anne of Green Gables. Her stories of the area convey an image of the island that draws 350,000 visitors a year to the Green Gables House, now an Historic Site.  We visited there and on a drive along a scenic route we happened upon Woodleigh Replicas and Gardens, a British Theme Park covering 45 acres with 30 replicas of the most spectacular castles and cathedrals of the British Island.  Included are replicas of the Tower of London, Dunvegal Castle in Scotland, Yorkminster and St. Paul's cathedrals.