Lodi, California


November 2005


Our trip to California included 5 days in Lodi visiting family there.  Lodi is where Terry grew up and where we were married.  Gerry still has 2 brothers and 2 sisters living there and a whole lot of nieces and nephews.  We stay with Sandy and Gary and Richard while we're there.  Sandy is Gerry's niece, but Terry claims her as her little sister.  Terry babysat for Sandy and her brothers long before she met Gerry.  Gary was still recovering from a recent knee replacement (his second).  Their son, Richard, is Terry's God son and Gerry's golf f partner whenever he gets the chance.  We always take the time to run up to Sacramento to see Terry's best buddy from high school and sister-in-law Betty.

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Sister Ann was good spirits and good health.  We spoil her while we are there, taking her out to eat and visiting.  Then we leave and she is stuck at home again.  Luckily we have provided her with mountains of CD slide shows of our trips and she enjoys watching them over and over.  It is always a treat to see her son Rick and his family.  Rick and Terry went to high school together.  The twins are active in sports and band and their younger brother Tom is, too.  Sister-in-law Lena just got home from the hospital while we were there.  Shortly thereafter two of her sisters and a niece drove down from Oregon to wish her a happy 80th birthday.  Then to have us show up made it a pretty busy time for Don & Lena.  Sister-in-law Julie was also having medical tests done and we did not even get photos of her and Jim.  Sister Colleen and her husband Bill and son Lee were in doing fine, also.