Wimberley, Texas

January 2005



When we were in the Hill Country in October, we spent some time going through shops in Wimberley.  We always stopped at a neat little Golf shop, but it was no longer a golf shop.  The owner was ill and his wife had changed it to a little specialty shop.  Terry found an Italian laser charm with Canyon Lake on it and thought about buying a bracelet.  Instead she decided it might be a nice to start one when we returned in January for our 2005 trip.

So we went back to Wimberley to the same shop.  In conversation with the lady, Terry mentioned that we were going to be going up the West Coast.  She told us to wave as we passed by Sacramento where she worked for F&M Bank.  We told her we were from Lodi and Wendy, a niece, works for F&M bank in Lodi.  Would you believe she knows Wendy.  What a small world!!!