Seattle, Washington

June 2005



Gerry grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota living on the same street as another family with 5 boys and 1 girl.  The only one of the boys that Terry had not met was Roger, who lives in Seattle.  Roger, too, is into genealogy.  And the stories continued - all validating the earlier ones!  Our visit was a last minute one, and Roger's wife Jean was already out with their daughter Sandy, but they returned before we left and we got to meet them as well.

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For as many times as we have been to the Seattle area, we have never been downtown.  So we took a day and went downtown to the area of the Space Needle.  What a view from the top.

We made a separate trip downtown to meet cousin Lisa for the first time.  Her dad is Terry's cousin Rene.  Her sister is Tamie, the one who lives in San Antonio.  Lisa is the youngest in her family.  Her fiancee Jack's mother is Irish, so he and Gerry had a lot in common.  They make a very nice couple and we enjoyed spending time with them.