Roseburg, Oregon

April 2005


Our next stop was Roseburg, Oregon where Gerry oldest sister Thelma lived there for many years.  Thel's daughter Carol and her 3 boys and families still live there.  (We visited Carol's daughter Lisa in Helena, Montana earlier this year.)  One of Terry's uncles (now deceased) also retired in Roseburg many years ago and only his daughter Lorraine and her daughter Sarah still live in the area.

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Gerry & Carol Carol & Cheyanne All of Us Kylie Kyle & Nick Terry & Laurie Terry, Gerry & Laurie

Since we are full time RVers, we try to stay in RV parks associated with the organizations that we belong to - that way we can afford to keep doing this.   One of those parks was 9 miles from Roseburg in Sutherlin, Oregon and included a golf course on the property.  Naturally, we had to take advantage of it, despite the rain.

Gerry on the Golf Course