Lodi, California

March 2005


There are lots of folks to see in Lodi - Gerry has two brothers and two sisters and lots of nieces and nephews there.  We stayed long enough to visit most of them several times by staying one week at a Coast to Coast RV park at Isleston, about 15 miles from Lodi, then moving almost next door to another Coast to Coast RV park for another week and, finally into a KOA RV park just a few miles from Lodi for several more days.I

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Ann & Gerry Lee, Colleen & Bill Lena & Don Don & Lena with Gerry Jim & Gerry Julie & Alli Alli Alli & Jaime Jean and Steve

Gary, Gerry & Lynn Jordan Terry & Richard Gerry, Terry & Richard Sam, Rick & Jill Thomas Sam Sam's Soccer Team Thomas, Rick, Sam, Jill & Wendy Terry & Sandy

In Sacramento, we also spent a little time  with sister-in-law Betty going through old pictures.  In Stockton, we visited with an old friend from Corpus Christi, Marge.  One of the highlights of our trip to Lodi was a visit with Terry's oldest and dearest friend, Terry - on her birthday yet!  We just won't talk about which birthday it was!!!

Terry & Betty Marge Dorothy, Gerry & Terry Terry, Terry & Gerry