Duncan, B.C. Canada

May 2005



Terry has been working on her family's genealogy for many years.  Our trip to Quebec in 2003 caused her to renew her efforts.  Among the contacts she had made a few years ago, was a first cousin of her mother's, Anette.  Through Anette she has been in contact with several of Anette's nephews.  One of those nephews, Winston, and his wife Maureen invited us to visit.  Their two sons, David and Robert, came over for a barbeque with their family.  Daughter Cheryl and her husband came as well. 

Along the way Terry has been copying as many old (and new) family photos as she can.  Among those were quite a number with people in them that could not be identified.  They turned out to be of Anette's branch of the family.  By the time we left, all were identified. 

Click on each thumbnail to see larger picture.

Winston's brother Paul lives nearby and we got to meet him and some of his family.  Their brother Ted also lives not too far away, and he stopped over so we could meet him.   All in all, a very nice bunch of cousins!