Salt Lake City, Utah

September 2004

Salt Lake City is THE place to do genealogy research.  We spent four days at the Family History Library at the Church of the Latter Day Saints complex.  At least one gem was found each day, but it took a lot of hard work to find each one.  One that will be of particular interest to the Flaherty side of the family is the entry we found in the 1870 Iowa Census.  It lists the family of John and Mary Flaherty and their seven children.  Although the entry for the age of Jerry looks like 27, he was actually 21.  The entry shows that both John and  Mary were born in Ireland, Jerry (Jeremiah) was born in New York, and the rest were born in Iowa.  The next step will be to obtain Jeremiah's birth certificate to see if we can find out more about his parents.  We spent most of one afternoon and evening in Temple Square where we  watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in rehearsal and went through two visitors centers and other buildings.


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1870 Census Temple Choir