Rochester, Minnesota

June 2004

Jean, a Lodi High Classmate of mine lives in Rochester.   Jean isn't exactly JUST a classmate.  We're practically related.  Three of her sisters married three of Gerry's brothers.  The daughter of one of those marriages also graduated with us.  And Jean sang at my wedding.  We parked overnight on the street in front of her house in Rochester where we enjoyed a delectable dinner.  Daughter Laura came by with her two beautiful little girls.  The following morning Al had to work, but we took Jean out for breakfast and she treated us to a tour of Rochester (home of the Mayo Clinic).  But the real treat was a tour of Assisi Heights, home of the Sisters of St. Francis.  Sister Gladys just happened to come out as we were taking pictures and offered to show us around inside.

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Al & Jean & Family St. Mary's - Mayo Clinic Assisi Heights Sister Gladys Jean, Gerry & Terry

Jean grew up with many of the Flaherty grandchildren and called Gerry's Mom Grandma since she was a little girl.  She let me take a photo of a recipe she got from Grandma Flaherty for Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Gerry's Mom was used to cooking for a big family and was a fantastic cook.  This recipe is wonderful.  If any of you try it, let me know what you think!!!

Chocolate Chip Recipe