Minot, North Dakota

June-July 2004

We stayed out at the Air Force Base in Minot, where we enjoyed the amenities there - the Commissary, Exchange, Library, and Golf Course.  Terry still has cousins that live in Minot and several of them got together to see us.  Renee is the youngest in the family and she hosted us.  Her sister Joan and her husband, Harlan, drove in from their farm outside of Minot.  Kay is one of the twins and brought her teenaged son, Clarence.  An interesting side note that I discovered is that their family is comprised of 5 girls and 4 boys.  Both their parents came from families that had 5 girls and 4 boys.  Their mother and Terry's mother were sisters.   Three additional ladies joined us, Peggy is a close friend of ReNae's and she came with her two daughters, one of whom lives in Korea.  They were on the way to the airport so she can head back.

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Golfing ReNae Harlan & Joan Clarence & Kay ReNae & Peggy Peggy's Daughters

Kay was kind enough to take us out to the cemetery to her mother and dad's graves.  


Aunt Aimee's Headstone Uncle Joe's Headstone

We also made some new friends there, Jon and Marilyn Walker and their son, little Jon.  The Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot was a wonderful discovery.  The Gol Stave Church Museum is magnificent.    The huge horse is a Dala Horse, the national symbol of Sweden.  The Storehouse is a replica of a cottage from Torvetjonn, a farm near Mosvann in Telemark, Norway, considered a major work in Norwegian folk architecture.  Much like what was done with Herky in Iowa City, Minot has a number of painted horses throughout the city.


Jon & Marilyn Little Jon Scandanavian Heritage Park Painted Horses