Jamestown, North Dakota

June 2004

Gerry grew up in Jamestown and has lots of happy memories of his childhood there.  There's still a few relatives living there - mostly nieces and their families.  Sister Mac's (Maxine) daughters, Janice and Jayda, live there.  Sister Colleen's daughter Della also lives there.  Sister Betty's daughter, Sharon, was in town from Denver and we got together with her who clan, 3 sons and families, for the birthdays of 2 of the granddaughters, Savannah, 10 and Aspen, 3.


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Sharon Family Troy/Mason Eric/Meggan Savannah Westyn Morgan Ryleigh Troy/Keta Trevor Aspen
Bob & Della Brant Janice Charles & Jayda Justine Billy Mark, Judy & Miles Westyn, Mason & Gerry

We also got to meet Kim and Jerry, Niece Jewel's daughter and her husband and 3 boys.  A highlight of our Jamestown visit for Gerry was playing golf with 2 old buddies from the neighborhood, Willie and Darrel.  And Gerry and I also got together with Darrel and his wife Judy.  


Kim & Jerry Their Boys Darrel & Judy Willie & Darrel

And, believe it or not, there are a few tourist spots to check out in Jamestown.  A trip to the Big Buffalo was easy since our campground was right at the fort.   A new buffalo museum is also located nearby as well as a herd of bison.  Included in the herd is White Cloud, a white buffalo.  We saw him the first day we were there when it was cloudy.  Although we went back several times when it was sunny to take a photo, we didn't see him again.  Then we learned it was because he is an albino and bothered by the light, so he stays in the shadows.


Buffalo Jamestown Fort

We also visited a few cemeteries in doing our family research.  Included here, if you are interested, are the headstones we photographed in and around Jamestown:


Wilbur & Maxine Arnie & Betty Richard Robert
Uncle Jim Gretchen Tom Carli, Sr. Bud & Thel's Mother