Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Antelope Island

August 2004

Hill Air Force Base is just a bit north of Salt Lake City and a good place to leave the motorhome so we can take a quick trip to California in the car to visit family there.  Before we headed out, we spent a morning visiting Antelope Island, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake.  The island, 15 miles long and 4.5 miles across, provides wonderful views of the lake and surrounding mountains.  The lake and its marshes provide a resting, nesting and staging area for 250 bird species, as well as an abundance of food.   The shoreline has receded dramatically as this is the 9th year of drought.  Although other animals such as bighorn sheep, mule deer and antelope roam free, we were treated to an up close view of a herd of bison. 


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Birds on the Lake View of Area Another View of the Lake Herd Crossing the Road Close Up View of Bison Big Bison Crossing Road