Denver, Colorado

September 2004

Denver brought us to more of Gerry's family.  Susan, the widow of Butch - a nephew that Gerry was very close to when growing up, lives in Denver and still has two high-school aged children at home.  Her older three live nearby, along with 5 grandsons.  This time we didn't get to meet Makyla and her husband or Paul.  Sharon, Butch's sister, also lives in Denver as does Trevor, one of her sons.  We had a chance to see Sharon in Jamestown at a birthday party for two of her granddaughters.  


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Susan & Terry Loch & Kathy The Boys Rachelle's Family Rachelle & Ashley Sharon Trevor, Christy & Aspen

Another treat for Gerry was seeing an old friend from Jamestown.  Donald, now an optometrist in Littleton, and his brothers lived down the street and they all grew up together.  They hadn't seen each other since 1959, so they had lots of things to catch up on.  Donna and I could hardly believe some of their escapades. 


Donna & Donald