Corpus Christi, Texas

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October-December 2004

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We made it back to our spot on our friend's property - enjoyed all the assorted animals.  Its such a treat for Gerry just to be around the horses.  


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Sunset Gerry David Clydesdales Halloween New Toy Pals Sleeping Together Courting

We did manage to see all of our friends despite two bouts with bad colds that kept us close to home for too many days.  We certainly did not want to infect anyone else, especially Joe and Dolores.  Joe was recovering from open heart surgery.  We also saw John and Carol (although I keep forgetting to get the camera out when we're together) and Kenny & Angie.  Friends we met in Key West, Ken & Rosie (they were the host couple at the Navy campground there), came to the Navy campground at Corpus Christi over the holidays.  Getting together with them was a real treat.  We also ran into Jane, (worked with her at the Education Service Center many years ago) and reconnected over breakfast at Andy's Kitchen.  We also met with a couple other ESC ladies that we do stay in touch with and Elly, who was in charge of our project.   Linda is still at Dr. Uehlinger's office and we enjoy comparing notes on grandchildren.  After several reschedules, we finally managed to meet George and Linda for dinner one evening - we also compare notes on grandchildren - and golf. 

Dolores & Joe Ken & Rosie Jane Noreen, Elizabeth & Terry Linda Linda & George Investment Club Ladies

For the third year in a row, we went to a Christmas party in Beeville at the bank where Jinny works.  The first two years it was on Gerry's birthday - this time it was two days before, but the folks at the bank all wished him a Happy Birthday when we get there.  While in Beeville (without the RV) this time, we played 9 holes of golf with Glen's brother Sonny.  Glen rode along, but did not play. 

Party Time Terry Plays Gerry & Sonny Glen

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