Corcoran, Minnesota

June 2004

Corcoran is located just west of the Minneapolis suburban area and it is where Terry's grandmother was born.  We took a day to check out the area and see what we could find.  There's not much there, but there is a catholic church where we copied some records and found out where the St. Jeanne de Chantal cemetery is located.  Then we found the cemetery and photographed all the Dupont stones.  Terry's grandmother's parents are buried there.  She'll have do a little research to figure the relationships of the rest.  What's interesting about the tombstone is that for her great-grandfather, only the year of birth is given and instead of Elie as the given name, it is engraved Heli.  Other documentation indicates that he was buried there.  Apparently, no one ever got around to putting the final data on the tombstone.

Dupont Tombstones