Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

June 2004

Gerry's nephew, Tom, and his wife and son Ben live in Brooklyn Park, a suburb of Minneapolis.   Tom is not much younger than Gerry and they grew up as great buddies, along with Tom's brother, Rick and another nephew, Butch.  Tom's mother is Gerry's sister.  On Tom's Dad's side, the family history is quite interesting.  It looks as though Lydia Ann Brown was Tom's great, great grandmother or great, great aunt.  She was the first European woman to settle in the Washington County (1840), and wife of Christopher Carli, Washington County’s first physician.  Tom and Carol drove us to Stillwater, just a few miles east of St. Paul, where we visited the Warden's House, Washington County's Historical Society Museum.  There we found more information about her.   Gerry, Tom and Terry returned to Stillwater the next day to meet several of Gerry's nieces for lunch, Jewel, Jody and Joni.  Jewel brought along her grandson, Ethan, who was so patient to put up with 6 adults for so long.  They joined us for a walk over to meet with Brent Peterson at the research center by the  museum.  He showed us a quilt made by Lydia and other papers that we copied.


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Tom, Carol & Bren Ben & Brea & All of Us Tom & Gerry Carli Quilt Gerry's Nieces All of Together