Billings, Montana

July 2004

We made it into Billings with no spare tire, praying that the rest of the tires would make it okay.  This time of year most RV service departments are booked up and Billings was no exception.  One dealer couldn't even look at it until August 16th, so we figured we have to go on to Missoula to find a place.  However, Gerry's niece June (and Larry) who live in Billings (as do their three daughters) helped us out.  One of their sons-in-law are related to the owner of another RV dealer and a phone call from them at least got the RV looked at.  Apparently we were very lucky.  Many times a blowout will take out part of the side wall or do much more damage underneath.  The pipe from the shower was sheared off cleanly underneath without damaging the shower.  The wheel cover, steel bracing and cover panel, a wiring harness, and another tire were all damaged.  Gerry fixed the plumbing himself and we found a fabricator to make the steel bracing and cover panel.  Tour America got us in on the following Saturday and put everything back together for us.  Rather than take a chance of it happening again, we put on all new tires.  It meant we got to spend more time visiting with June & Larry than we expected.  Although we saw them at Joyce & Tony's 40th anniversary (and Tony's 80th birthday) bash a couple of years ago, we hadn't seen the girls since they were little.  What a treat when they all came to their Mom & Dad's one evening so we could meet them all.

June and Larry gave us a tour of Billings.  We had lunch at The Depot in the rejuvenated downtown area, strolled through a huge antique store, and attended a quilt show.  Larry and Terry shared genealogy and computer information and Gerry and June recalled growing up in Jamestown together.   


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June & Larry Vicky's Family Patty & John Marcia & Roger Kellan & Larry June & Gerry June & Terry View of Billings