Belcourt, North Dakota

June 2004

Belcourt is where Terry spent the first 5 years of her life.  Her grandparents owned a farm nearby where her mother grew up.  It's been 40 years since we visited there - and what a change.  A big casino has transformed Belcourt from a tiny town to a much bigger town where there are even two traffic lights.  Terry's cousin, Rene, told her how to find the old farm.  Although there's no buildings left on the place, a dirt road and a big leafless tree marked the spot.  Just down the road is St Mary's Cemetery where her grandparents and other family members are buried. 

St. Ann's Catholic Church sits high on a hill overlooking the town.  Terry's family is part of its history.  In 1897 Father Joseph Alfred Dupont, a missionary priest from Quebec, built the church and established the parish.  Terry's grandfather, Avilor Roberge, took care of Father Dupont's horses and drove him around the countryside.  When Father Dupont's youngest sister, Eleanor, came to visit, she and Avilor fell in love.  They were married in 1901 in Minnesota, where the Dupont family had moved.  Father Dupont died later that same year and is buried on a hill above the church.


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Casino Headstones