Sikeston, Missouri


Sikeston was a nice place to rondevous with friends  we had lost touch with more than 30 years ago.  Their name came up when we visited mutual friends in Connecticut and got their address.  Ed and Joan took care of Vicki for us when I went in the hospital to have Mike.  They are looking forward to doing some extensive RVing in a few months when Joan retires.  So they had a lot of questions about what we're doing.  I wasn't sure I would even recognize them since we hadn't seen them in 37 years.  But we would have known each other where ever we met.   We've all gotten a little (maybe a lot) older, but deep down we're still the same.  We had such a wonderful two day visit.  A highlight was dinner at Lambert's, famous here for its "throwed rolls".

Ed & Joan       Waiting for a Table         At Lamberts           "Throw us a roll!"