Seattle, Washington


Two of Terry's cousins, Chuck Burley (and wife Linda) and John Roberge (and wife Jody) live in nearby Kent, Washington and we were able to get together with them the next day.  On Saturday, the Blocks went to visit a cousin of theirs and we drove into Seattle to visit with Willie Metzger, one of Dennis' older brothers, whom Gerry had not seen in more than 40 years.  On Sunday, August 4th, we moved 30 miles north to another Coast to Coast campground, Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City.  This was another park in an extremely beautiful setting where sites are nestled in a thick wooded area, practically obscuring neighboring sites.  We could only stay three days here as well and got in only by agreeing to listen to their sales presentation (that we seriously considered).

Sunday we drove into Edmonds to visit Terry's cousin, Renee and Bob Dively.  What a special treat for Terry to get to see Renee's mother, Eva and meet Eva's husband of 12 years, Art Winslow.  Terry had lost touch with her Aunt Eva.  As a child, all aunts and uncles held equal status and it was not until she was nearly a teenager that she understood "in-law" difference.  Aunt Eva is the only one of all the aunts and uncles from her childhood that is still alive, so finding her was a significant event for Terry.

On Monday, cousin Terry Roberge drove his big Harley down from Camona Island to say hello.  We followed him to Everett, Washington where cousins, Jerry, George (aka Pete) and Mary Burley gathered for a visit and dinner.  On Tuesday, we drove to Snohomish on a beautiful, two-lane back road to visit cousin Ralph and June Roberge.  Ralph's sister Geri met us there as well.  Terry had not seen Ralph since she was a child and  the last time she saw Geri was probably right after we were married 39 years ago.

Chuck and Linda and Chuck Burley. Jody and John Roberge.
Gerry with Willie Metzger and his wife. Arthur and Eva Winslow.
Robert and Renee Dively. Terry behind Terry Roberge on his Harley.
Terry with George, Jerry and Mary Burley. June and Ralph Roberge, Terry and Geri Ball.