San Diego, California


We arrived in San Diego on the 7th of June, 2002 and stayed at the Navy RV Park at Admiral Baker Field.  We visited a number of Navy friends.  Bob and Mike Robinson have been friends forever (from Gerry's earliest tours  - before Terry).  Many of the family had a chance to meet them at Mike's wedding in 1992 on Coronado.  

Mike and Bob Robinson.

We thought we had lost touch with Darrell and Bert Walters - we didn't realize that their area code had changed.  But we knew we could find someone in their neck of the woods that would know where they had moved - if in fact they had moved.  We knocked on their door and when Bert came to the door, she said, "Yes?"  We just stood there for a moment and it was precious to see the the look of recognition when she realized who we were.  It's been a lot of years in between and you might say we've all aged a bit.  Our kids were little ones together on Okinawa and Guam.  It was such a treat to see them again.  We were stationed together in Okinawa from 1966 to 1969 and again in 1972 on Guam when all our kids were little.   

Roberta and Darrell Walters.

Chris and Cheri Rondestvedt were friends from our first Corpus Christi tour from 1976 to 1979 when their kids were little and ours just turned teenagers.  We camped together at Lake Corpus Christi and Chris would water ski with Mike on his shoulders.  They took us to Old Town for dinner.

Chris and Cheri Rondestvedt.

Also got to spend time with niece, Charlene Butler and Jim, who treated us to San Diego's famous fish tacos.

Charlene and Jim.

Also played the tourists and took the two-hour harbor tour and visited the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and some of the museums before leaving the morning of the 14th.  

Gerry and Terry on the Harbor Cruise.

Panda at San Diego Zoo that will be returned to China.

Rhino at the San Diego Zoo.

Shamu at Sea World in San Diego.

San Diego skyline from the Harbor Cruise.