Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


With Hurricane Isabel bearing down on the Carolinas, we held off making a decision to go to Anne & Frosty's wedding in Myrtle Beach till the last minute.  We had such a great time visiting them in April when we met Frosty for the first time.  Vicki flew in on Thursday night and stayed in the RV with us.   The wedding was held at a beach house with lots of bedrooms for family and friends.  The bride's mother rented another beach house a few houses down for more family and friends.   It was great being a part of the festivities and meeting both sides of the families.

Vicki with Dad & Mom      The Bride with Best Friends      The Bride & Groom      The Groom's Family

The Bride's Family      The Bride & Junior Bridesmaid      The Groom & His Mom & Wedding Cakes