Mt. Gilead, Ohio


We found a Coast to Coast RV Park here, and explored the neighborhood.  An antique Farm Show was in progress and we had to check it out.  If there are horses any where around, Gerry will find them.  There was some sort of draft horse log pulling contest going on and we stuck around to watch.  Stacey Price was one of the contestants in her first attempt and she won! 

Stacey with Kodi and Kandi Dancers Entertain on Stage
Stacey with her Blue Ribbon One of  Many Antique Tractors
A Pair of Black Percherons Another Antique Tractor
A Pair of Belgians

There was also an auction of the winning pies.  The Blue Ribbon pie went for more than $320.  They looked delicious, but that was a bit pricey for us.   Also found a scrapbooking table at the crafts barn.