Mansfield, Ohio


Our stop at the Coast to Coast campground at Mt. Gilead brought us within  25 miles of Mansfield, Ohio.  Twenty-seven years ago I flew to Ohio to do research with D. W. Garber, an Ohio Historian who became like a father to me and definitely a grandfather to Vicki and Mike.  We stayed with the Carters, a family that Mr. Garber knew well.  Over the years, I lost touch with them, but a call to Information came up with their current phone number. 

My call was more than just a blast from the past.  The previous week Bob  prchased two copies of a book recently published by the Richland County Genealogical Society, Tales of the Mohican, a collection of newspaper articles by Dwight Wesley Garber (who died in 1984).  The book is a compilation of 179 of his articles published in the Mansfield News Journal between 1956 and 1964.  That my call and the purchase of the books should happen within such a short time was incredible.  Bob gave me the second copy he purchased.  What a treasure for me! 

The third event that made it even more incredible is that I had sent Vicki a ring for her birthday that Wesley had given me.  Included with the ring when he sent it to me many years ago was a beautiful letter asking that when I was in my advancing years I pass it on to his little Sugar, Miss Vicki.  I decided not to wait till I was that advanced in years to send it to her.  When her husband began asking her questions about Grandpa Garber, she asked me to write what I could remember about him.  And I did.  So he had been on my mind as well.

Gerry had not met the Carters before, but we had an afternoon to all get to know each other.   We really enjoyed their company and made it a point to get together again.  They took us to the Richland County Fair where there were lots of draft horses and other animals.  Gerry was definitely in his element! 

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